The SoundLab Play Space, that’s it for now

Me at the SoundLab Play Space
Me at the SoundLab Play Space

I think I’ve probably posted all of the individual posts I’m going to now about the Play Space. It was an amazing day and I think it well really well overall. Hopefully we’ll do something like this again in the not too distant future.

If you want to see all of the post about it you can click on the tag SoundLab (just click here).

Still waiting for Pebble Smart Straps

There’s been a couple of kickstarter projects that have been interesting but so far neither have delivered the goods. I’m still hopeful that the smart strap idea will deliver some really interesting possibilities and make the Pebble into more than just a smart watch and more of an IoT device.

I think next year will be a bit of a make or break time for the Pebble.

Pi Zero, now that’s impressive

I didn’t manage to get the Mag Pi magazine with the Zero on the front cover, I wish I’d paid more attention to that. I will pick one up at some point. It is a very impressive achievement to get a unit like this out for just £4. It gives me a bunch of ideas of things that I might (with enough time) be able to do with it.

Probably it’s a project for next year though.

Not really doing much in the way of automation

One of the things I wanted to do in 2015 was a lot more automation and getting things to work by themselves. Largely that hasn’t happened. However, there are reasons, the main one being that for the most part I haven’t had the need for it. This opens up a bigger question about technology though. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who was telling me about something cool he could do with his new phone. It was cool, but when I asked him if it was something that he’d actually use, he said no.

That started me thinking. How many times to we (I) think that a thing is cool and would be really useful only to find that actually, whilst it is a cool use of technology, it is in fact a use that we (I) have no real need for. So in actual fact, it isn’t so cool after all. I’m starting to find this a lot these days. Things I thought I’d use or assumed I’d use are actually just cool, or fun, or more often both, but fundamentally, not of any practical use after all.

It’s a shame, but I’m beginning to start questioning myself when I look at a new app, or gadget or whatever, and say, would I really use this? Would it just collect dust? Would it end up taking up time and effort to show me that I’m not going to find it very useful? This is starting to happen more and more. In many ways it is a good thing though. It means I will waste less time and effort, but it’s also a bit sad. Sometimes it’s nice to play with cool stuff just for the sake of it, and now, I find myself just asking, why?

Why I like Wojta from Intermorphic

I really do like Wojta a lot. It’s such a cool and simple way of turning a short piece of text into sound and then sharing it. Simple, effective, quick. There aren’t many apps that you can say that of. It does what it says it is going to do, and it does it.

I also like how Intermorphic have just kept making it better and better, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do that too.

Still waiting for that Pebble IFTTT channel

It’s been such a long time that I’m beginning to question whether I heard it correctly or rather read it correctly. But I’m sure I did. I’m sure that Pebble said that that was something that they were working on ages ago, but so far, it hasn’t arrived unless I’ve missed it. What would I use it for? I don’t know to be honest, maybe nothing at all in the end, but I’d like to have the chance to play around with it.

One week to go before the War Doctor arrives

Yeah, I know. I’m excited about this, but I did think that the War Doctor (especially played by John Hurt) was such a great idea so I am really looking forward to it. With a week to go I’m wondering if I should read or listen to Engines of War, the BBC Audio story for the War Doctor. I probably don’t have time to get that done, but I’d like to.

Anyway, if you didn’t know, The War Doctor box set comes out on the 14th.