It has been a while

I have been aware that it has been a while since I posted anything here. There are a few reasons. First off, life just gets busy. Not busy with interesting and fun things sadly, but just busy. Secondly, and probably in part as a consequence of the first reason, I have very little to say.

I’ve had a few things in draft for a while now, and I would like to get some of them finished off and posted. None of them are startling, but they may be of some small interest. The plan is to get some of these out over the next week or so. Whether that will happen or not is another matter entirely.

In the unlikely event that you’ve been waiting for some new content here, then please accept my apologies.

3,000 posts and 12 years

This is post 3,000 and it has been 12 years since the start of this site or blog or whatever the correct term is. I think that is a fair amount of time for something to be running. Not that the level of activity has always been consistent, and it certainly isn’t at the moment,even so, it feels like 12 years is something of an achievement.

When I started writing this it was a way to talk about stuff that I was doing that was nothing to do with the mobile music world and PalmSounds, but since PalmSounds shut down it feels like it has lacked something. I’m not entirely sure why that is. I often think about what I want this site to, what it could be, but somehow that never really becomes a reality.

In part I wonder if it could be because of DayOne, the journalling app, which I have used a lot, and of course has been acquired by the same people who run wordpress. It is possible. It seems strange to have both of these things running at the same time, but perhaps it makes sense.

After 12 years I don’t feel like I want to give up on the site, but I do feel like I need to have a reason to for it to exist. I think that’s important.

A bit of a tidy up

If you have been here before, you may have noticed that the menus have shifted around a bit. I have spent a little time tidying things up. If I am honest, I should probably have done that a while ago and should probably do it on a more regular basis too. However, it always feels good to clear a few things out that no longer feel relevant.

A lot of old stuff has now moved to a menu item called ‘archive’. Which should make more sense. I’ve also cleared out a lot of pages that had little or no value.

10 years, is a fair age for a site

Yesterday my little blog turned 10 years old. When I started it I had no idea that it would last this long. But here we are at 10 years old. For the last few weeks I’ve been wondering what I should do to celebrate. To be honest I still don’t know. But I do know that I have to mark it in some way. Although this seems like a slightly lame attempt at that.

I didn’t want to leave it too long before marking the day, even though it was yesterday.

I was thinking about saying what I was going to do differently now, promising more content etc etc. But also that seems a bit hollow. So I won’t promise. I’ll just keep going. Maybe that’s a better statement.

Back again

I realise that it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. It’s been a busy time what with one thing and another and it’s meant that I just haven’t had time to do much here. I’m hoping that will change from now on in. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep this up a bit more.

There’s a lot to say.