The old mobile music directory

Back in the early days of PalmSounds, before iOS came about I started this directory. I say directory, it was really just a long list. But I thought it might be useful to have it here, and if not useful then maybe nostalgic. Anyway, this was the very first version.

To be clear, this list almost certainly has a load of broken links in it. In fact, I think you’ll be quite lucky if any of them work. This page is more like a little bit of history rather than a working directory (list), so please treat it that way and don’t complain if the links are broken.

If you really seriously want to find something here and you can’t, you can always get in touch.

Please remember that this page does not get updated and broken links are very likely.

Palm OS Applications (OS5)

AxisPad Theremin application for palm
MixPad MIDI mixer for palm
BeatPad Sequencer for palm
NotePad Notation for palm
SoundPad FM Syth for other miniMusic Applications
BugBand Notation education for palm
SpinPad Innovative sequence for palm
EarTrain Education software for palm
RhythmPro Drum machine and Metronome for palm
Microbe Sequencer and drum machine for palm
Bhajis Loops Full studio for palm
Psytexx Amiga-MOD based player and tracker for Palm OS
Wave Edit Pro Advanced sample editor for Palm OS
Mp3Enc MP3 file encoder for Palm
PocketBeat Advanced metronome for Palm OS
Almond Musical terms database
ChordLab Musician’s tool for finding chords
DaCapo Metronome
EarMan Musical training application for Palm
Mozart Musical learning game
Pocket DJ M-Flash powered DJ applet
Pocket DJ Electro Trance M-Flash powered DJ applet
Pocket DJ 70’s edition M-Flash powered DJ applet
Perfect Beat Visual Palm Metronome
Perfect Pitch Chromatic tuner
Music Studio Polyphonic composer for Clie series
MiniMIDI v3 App for working with MIDI modules
GuiPar Tuner type app
HandDee Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer
PhonTuner Advanced tuner application
MusicPal MIDI composer
Magic Piano Virtual Piano
Virtual Piano Piano application
Handi Drums Drum software
Sound Toys Apps from the Palm Sounds Sound Toys series

Palm OS Applications (OS4)

Burrito OS4 sequencer for palm
Egg-Demo OS4 sequencer for palm
Hedgehog OS4 sequencer for palm
Meedy OS4 sequencer for palm
Tractor OS4 sequencer for palm
Burrito OS4 sequencer for palm
Piezo Power OS4 early sound application
Theremini Theremin precursor to AxisPad
ittyMIDI Player MIDI file player
ittyMIDI Drummer MIDI Drum Machine
ittyMIDI SysEx Manager universal SysEx dump utility for the Palm OS
ThumbMusic ThumbMusic is a digital kalimba for Palm OS4
Botzam MIDI Player MIDI file player
Beat Key Software keyboard for BeatPlus Module or Clies
Fretboard Fretboard app!
GTrainer Guitar training app
MelodyPad OS4 Sequencer

Windows Mobile and Pocket PC

Windows Mobile had a lot going for it back in the day. Some of these are still around and can even be downloaded. But when they’re gone they’re gone. You can always check the downloads page to see if I have a copy available here.

Griff Software Studio with multiple plug ins for Windows Mobile
Syntrax Software Studio Windows Mobile and Symbian
Audio Box Sequencer / Studio for Windows Mobile
StompBox Audio effects for Windows Mobile
PocketJam Synths and Drum Machines for Pocket PC
miniMIXA Music DJ DJ / Mix App for Pocket PC
Pheonix Studio Sequencer for Pocket PC
MilkyTracker Windows Mobile Tracker
Perfect Beat Visual Metronome
Perfect Pitch Chromatic tuner
Midnote Notation sequencer
Pocket Synth Keyboard app
Pocket Drums Drum machine
MIDI Control MIDI file editor
GSPlayer MIDI file player
Mimidi MIDI file player
Strummer Guitar sequencer
Sound Creator Make sounds for Pocket Synth
Four Track Mixes wave files
Z4 Music Sequencer / Drum Machine
Pocket RTA Spectrum Analyser
PocketMC Audio effects
MeTeoR 12 Track Multi-track editor

Nintendo DS Applications

This is a mix of commercial and homebrew apps.

Electroplankton Brilliant musical game
Nitrotracker DS Tracker aoo
Jam Sessions Guitar Simulator
DScratch DS DJ App (alpha)

iPhone / iPod Touch Applications

As you can imagine, these apps are all pretty ancient now, mostly well over a decade old. Most you won’t find on the app store these days, and effectively this list serves as a little reminder of those who trail blazed the early days of iOS mobile music, although it wasn’t called iOS back then.

IR 909 drum machine
Band a whole band in your pocket.
iPhone Synth Synth based on 1.1.4 firmware.
BeatPhone drum machine (not released under firmware 2.x)
BeatMaker loop based music creation studio.
BtBx drum machine and sequencer
Thereminator Theremin emulator
Cosmovox Accelerometer based music generator
iDrum (both versions) drum machine
Guitarist Guitar emulator and recorder
Pianist Piano
ITM Apps MIDI controllers
ProRemote / ProRemote Light Controller for Pro Tools
Pocket Guitar A guitar emulator
miniSynth Nice synth app
ProTransport Transport control for Pro Tools
Noise.IO Synth Synth app
Haplome Monome emulator
Bedrum Drum machine
FMScreen XY Pad music creation
Android FX Strange sound generator
TouchOSC Controller
4 Tracks Lite 4 Track recorder
Virtual Decks DJ App
SrutiBox Harmonium emulator
RJDJ Very strange app

Directory last updated: 4/10/2008

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