More modular stuff


I thought I’d share this too, just a quick picture of my current modular array. More on this as it evolves.

Experimenting with little modular things


I’ve been exploring some of my tiny modular devices. Above you can see. I posted this picture a while ago on Instagram. It was a fun thing to play around with, and I think that these devices go very well together.

I can see myself doing a lot more little sessions like this. I’ve been recording them on tape too. Yep, real cassette tape.

Spending some more time with the Olegtron

Olegtron 4060
Olegtron 4060

I do like my Olegtron. It’s a load of fun, but the results haven’t been too predictable. Normally that’s fine. In fact I like the idea of sounds that surprise, but on the other hand it’s nice to be able to plan what you want to make and how it might work. Well in my most recent session with the Olegtron it’s actually been a little bit more predictable, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of how to get certain types of pattern out of it. Which is real progress for me.

So I expect to have some example videos up soon to show the latest sounds and patterns I’ve got from it.

Enjoying a (not so) quiet night in

Olegtron and components
Olegtron and components

The more I use this little machine the more I enjoy it, and the more I think that it has some truly amazing possibilities to it. In the session I had with it tonight I managed to get what sounded like a whole track from it. It was amazing. I’m in the process of putting the samples up now. Actually, I’ve just finished.

I’ll post them here too just in case, but they’re on my SoundCloud pages if you want them.