Survivors is coming back

Big Finished announced this today. There are more Survivors stories coming!

After the ninth season of Survivors Big Finish said that there would be no more of the current iteration of Survivors but mentioned that there might be a spin off. Now it is real. Two new box sets coming in November this year and February next year. With Abby and Lucy. This is excellent news. At least it is for me anyway.

Revisiting Survivors

Survivors is a relatively little known TV show from the 1970s. It was about a virus that killed off almost the entire population of the planet. The people who were left were the ‘Survivors’. This is of course the subject of quite a lot of TV shows and films these days, but back then I think it was quite ground breaking.

It only got 3 seasons on TV, but, a few years ago, Big Finish, a company that makes some of my favourite audiobooks brought it back, with the three lead actors as well. Big Finish produced 9 seasons of it, each with 4 hour long episodes. It was brilliant. In fact, so much so that I’m revisiting the whole thing this year. Starting with the TV series. Which, in my opinion, stands the test of time, and is actually better than a lot of TV these days.

Survivors from the 1970s took a slow approach to storytelling. Or maybe that was the norm back then? Either way, it took its time in each episode. It had a natural feel too that somehow made it more believable.

I’ve enjoyed watching this again, and remembering the characters, the story and the where it took us.

Now that I’ve finished watching it I’m going to move on to listening to all of the audio stories that Big Finish Productions created. There are 9 box sets of these, so that will probably take me a while to get through I should think. When I do, I think I might post a summary of my thoughts on the whole thing.

Big Finish: Survivors – Series 6

I’ve been waiting for this for some time now, and really looking forward to it. Today it is released, and I’ll almost certainly be buying it today.

In preparation for series 6 I decided to listen to all previous 5 series in order. That’s the Big Finish series of course, not the original television series or the remake. I thought it would be a good wait to get ready and have the timeline and stories straight for series 6. I’d forgotten just how good Big Finish have made survivors. They’ve done an amazing job on it. It’s totally consistent with the original and yet extends it seamlessly.

When I’ve absorbed series 6 I’ll let you know the verdict.

Survivors Season 4

Survivors Season 4
Survivors Season 4

This season was ok, but I’d have to say that I’m not sure that it was as good as the previous season, or for that matter any of the others so far. Perhaps I need to listen to it again though. I did feel that it came together in the end, and it started well too, it had a lot of promise in the beginning, but I’m just not sure that there was enough going on in these stories.

Survivors Series 4 is coming in June

I’m a big Survivors fan. I’ve watched both the 1970’s and most recent TV versions and the Big Finish audio series 1 through 3. So I am looking forward to the next installment. I like how Big Finish have taken the whole thing in a different direction in a way whilst also staying consistent with the original book. That’s something that the 1970’s TV show didn’t entirely manage.

I’m really glad that Big Finish is maintaining the series and developing it, and also using a number of the original actors as well. They do it so well. Long may it last.

After listening to Survivors series 3

I have to say it was another good series. It moved the story on in a similar but slightly different direction to what’s gone before. I like that. If I have any complaints at all, and really, I don’t, it’s that I would’ve wanted something just a little more dramatic. It was good though.

I really like what Big Finish have done with it. Not just because I like the fact that Survivors is still going because of them, but because of the way they’ve put it together, keeping the feel of the original, and even some of the original cast, but expanding it and taking it in new and yet consistent directions.

I won’t give any spoilers though.

Survivors Sound Design

I’ve been listening to Big Finish’s Survivors series one again and this time in a very quiet environment. One of the things that’s struck me is that the sound design on this audiobook is actually amazing. The attention to detail in it was something that I found amazing when I listened to it closely and without distraction, interruption or noise. From the reworking of the original soundtrack to the atmospheric incidental audio and music, to the sound effects and stereo field. It’s very impressive indeed.

Of course it does make me realise just how poor my normal listening environment is. It makes me realise just how much I’m missing from a lot of the audio I listen to, or rather, consume, as I think that it’s more like that than real listening, or deep listening.