When will David Sylvian do something new?

It has been a long time now, since he produced anything new. I wonder if anything new is going to come along from him, or if his work really is going to vanish away. That would be a real shame of course. I’d like to see a new album. Maybe not as difficult as Manafon, but something a little closer to what he did with Nine Horses, or indeed Rain Tree Crow.

To be honest I’d be happy with anything really. I’d just like to think that he hadn’t run out of ideas, or wasn’t going to produce anything new again. That would be the real shame in my opinion.

Loving Barcodas and finding out about bar codes


I do like the idea of made from things that don’t normally make music. Hence I like barcodas. The idea of making little snippets of music from bar codes is very appealing. To me anyway. The interesting thing, at least, interesting to me anyway is that different types of bar codes seem to have very different properties. So for instance, using bar codes taken from books, these all sound the same, at least the first few notes do. Bar codes taken from cereal boxes are quite different.

So I had a little idea for a barcodas project that I think I’m going to try out soon.