Back to bleep!BOX

I remember when bleep!BOX first came out. It was completely amazing. 4 mono synths, and 6 drum synths all in your iPhone. Wow!

So I decided to go back to it yesterday and see if I could make something and actually finish it this time, and apart from being quite surprised that I could still remember my way around on the whole I got something started which I’m really quite pleased with. It isn’t finished as yet, maybe I’ll wrap it up next week, but so far I think it’s pretty good.

And even though this app’s been around in iOS world for quite some time I still think it is pretty amazing and full of possibilities.

bleep!BOX - White Noise Audio Software

Nanoloop work in progress

Another work in progress piece. I find it interesting that different music apps make you work in different ways and inspire different musical styles. I really should try doing something radically different with Nanoloop. Perhaps with the next track.

My guest post at Music 4.5

The people over at Music 4.5 are lovely. When I first spoke to Rassami about a mobile music conference last year I was just amazed to think that someone would be interested in that kind of thing, but now, less that twelve months on, it doesn’t seem so strange.

I’m looking forward to the event on the 8th. The panel of speakers looks really good (yep, I’m on it too), and I think there’ll be a broad spectrum of issues raised to cover the mobile music world and where it has got to.

If you’re interested in reading my piece over at Music 4.5’s blog, you can find it here.