Good things coming in Day One version 2.0

I’m a big fan of the Day One journal app. I find it really useful. It seems that there’s a lot of new stuff coming in the next big iteration of the app. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Multiple Journals— In Day One 2.0 you can create and name multiple journals
  • Multiple Photos— A simple and elegant solution for adding multiple photos per entry

It looks like it’ll be really cool, but I hope they won’t mess up a load of other stuff at the same time.


How’s that Pebble then?

So, a couple of days into my use of the Pebble Time, how’s it going? Well so far so good. Today I was interested to see how the constant bluetooth LE connection would drain my iPhone 6. It seemed to add an additional drain, but not too much. So that’s a good sign, a good step forward.

Notifications are pretty good though. I quite like them even though they get a little bit annoying at times, but I think that’s more to do with my having too many on my iPhone anyway, so perhaps it’s a good prompt to clear those up.

Next I’m interested to see how I can do more with the Pebble and get it working for me in the way I’d really like it to. More of that soon though.


So Belkin are making a lego case for the iPhone 6

I’ve been checking to see if there was one available every now and then, but I got bored of wondering so I just asked Belkin, and they told me that they are making one! Which is excellent as I’d always liked the one I had for my iPhone 5. I just hope it doesn’t take too much longer.

iPhone 6 update

Well, after spending an entire day out in London my new (arrived on Friday) iPhone 6 has made it through the entire day on a single charge. Something that my iPhone 5 hasn’t done in years. Well, probably at least a year to be fair. It did end up at only 10% of charge by the end of the day, but that was after almost 14 hours without charge. I think that’s quite impressive. For an iPhone anyway.

iPhone 5 external battery experiment: Day 4

Day 4 followed the same pattern. I let the iPhone drain down to 30% charge and then charged it with the external battery. Once again the battery did very well, but after getting my phone back up to 100% charge it gave up itself. So, 4 days and 4 charges. Not bad going I’d say. The battery was  certainly worth the money.

However, the power loss on my iPhone is terrible now, so it’ll probably need replacing anyway. Even so I think that the battery will come in handy in the future.

So, experiment over for now.

iPhone 5 external battery experiment: Day 3

So, day three and the external battery is still going strong. It did flicker around between three and four bars or circles on its display, and after a little while it went back up to 4 bars. I guess this sort of thing isn’t too precise. Anyway, it charged the iPhone 5 again. I let the iPhone get down to 30% again and charged it back up to 100%.

So let’s see what day 4 brings.