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Honk, Conk and Squacket


I’ve been reading this book very slowly, mainly because it is in many ways just a dictionary, albeit a fantastic dictionary. Honk is a dictionary of ‘sound-words’, which is now something of a forgotten art. What need to we have any more of describing a sound when we can just hear it online somewhere within seconds.

Sound-words are fantastic though, they’re fantastical awesome constructions to help you imagine a sound.

The book brings together words from around the UK and the world for that matter. The words come from all ages too. So, if you enjoy sounds and have an interest in words too, this book may well be for you. I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Charlie Hisgon’s The Enemy

I’ve been a fan of these books since I started reading the first one. This year the last book in the series is due to be released in September. Book 7 will be the last book in the series. I know that they are really children’s books, but I still really like them and have read them all twice now I think.

I’m really looking forward to book 7 so I’ve decided to re-read all of them in the run up to the release of the last book. I’m going to enjoy doing that too.