Visiting Dante’s house


I found it really interesting to see Dante’s house. I more or less stumbled over it as I didn’t really know that you could visit it. Whilst it wasn’t amazing I’m glad I went to see it.

Reading about Bill Nelson

I’ve just got this book and I’m really looking forward to reading it having just listened to the whole of the latest Bill Nelson collection “The Practice of Everyday Life”, which has been great to hear again.

I don’t often read biographies, but I’m going to try this one and see if I can get on with it.

The Shape of Things

Is the new album by John Foxx and the Maths. I got it today. It is awesome. So what did you expect? Apart from anything the whole package is a thing of beauty. It is in fact a book containing two CDs. One is the main album and the other is a CD of remixes.

I’ll take a few pictures in the morning and you can see just how good it is.