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Starting to build an automated twitter synth with littleBits

For a long time I’ve been thinking about the idea of being able to create a synth in hardware which reacted to the virtual world, more specifically, to being tweeted at. To that that end I got myself a littleBits CloudBit, which works quite well, albeit it isn’t able to provide as much data as I’d like it to. However, that’s something that I need to overcome with a little bit of ingenuity rather than just complain about it.

So I’m starting to build the synth and get it to respond to external stimulus. The goal being to create a little system that reacts to a twitter message, creates a sequence based on that message, and somehow records that and uploads it somewhere. We’ll see. That’s the plan. Who knows how it’ll work out.

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Getting the bend (sensor)

littleBits Bend Sensor
littleBits Bend Sensor

I got this recently but haven’t had a chance to use it as yet. I’d really like to though, and I’m sure that the time will make itself available soon enough.

I’m keen to expand my littleBits collection. I’m sure that there’s lots more I could do with it that I’m not, and that I haven’t even thought of as yet.

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Some more thoughts on the littlebits iOS app

I was thinking about this a bit more the other day, and really I’d like to see the ability to prototype directly in the app. That would, without a doubt, be the coolest thing possible to do with this app. It would be nice to play with a set up and be able to create stuff in the app that used not only the bits you owned, but others, and even prototype bits, or bits on the bitlab too.

That would be my preferred experience.