Another wet bank holiday Monday

Like so many others I’ve been watching the weather to see what the bank holiday will be like, and, as per the forecast it’s dismal. Totally dismal. I had planned to go to a lovely little local music festival for the day, but sadly I don’t think that would be much fun at all now. It’s a huge shame and I’m sure that other people have had their days spoiled in much worse than mine, so there’s nothing to do but put a brave face on it and find something to do indoors!

Will it snow?

Everyone says it’s going to snow this weekend and to be fair we haven’t had the heavy snow like last year so perhaps it is overdue.

However, having checked the met office web site several times there no heavy snow predicted so I do wonder what all the fuss is about.

I guess people just love the whole thing of talking about it and anticipating it.

Snow Problem!

Well it’s snowing in Surrey this morning, or at least it was and almost certainly there’ll be problems with travel as a result. Some times I wish it would either be real heavy snow which looks lovely or nothing. Let’s see how it goes.


Well the snow is on the way out, that’s for sure. It is still going to be cold, but it looks like I won’t be walking through the woods next week, which is good although I did like parts of the walk (not the uphill bits)