iOS Automation Apps

I thought it might be useful to add a list of the apps that I use for iOS Automation, or that I know of. So I’ll start with the ones that I know and have used myself:

Launch Center Pro:
This is a very good app for running app URLs and also for scheduling app URLs to run or other apps to run when you want them.

Another great app that acts as a hub for running automations.

Also Drafts for iPad:
It’s a different app rather than one universal sadly.

Editorial for iPad:
I’ve mentioned this before in a post. It has an automation / workflow system that’s a bit like automator on Mac OSX, and it’s also a very good writing app / text editor. It is probably my favourite app for both writing notes, longer form text and for text and app automation.

This is a universal app. It’s a python editor, so you will need to write code to use it, but it has a lot of functionality that can be used in automation.

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