iOS Automation Apps

I thought it might be useful to add a list of the apps that I use for iOS Automation, or that I know of. So I’ll start with the ones that I know and have used myself:

Launch Center Pro:

This is a very good app for running app URLs and also for scheduling app URLs to run or other apps to run when you want them.


Another great app that acts as a hub for running automations.

Also Drafts for iPad:
It’s a different app rather than one universal sadly.

Editorial for iPad:

I’ve mentioned this before in a post. It has an automation / workflow system that’s a bit like automator on Mac OSX, and it’s also a very good writing app / text editor. It is probably my favourite app for both writing notes, longer form text and for text and app automation.


This is a universal app. It’s a python editor, so you will need to write code to use it, but it has a lot of functionality that can be used in automation.

Shortcuts (formerly Workflow):

When workflow first came out it was a bit of a revelation. It had so many possibilities. So it wasn’t a big surprise that it got bought up by Apple and integrated into iOS itself. Now it’s shortcuts and it’s free on iOS devices.


Another capable automation app for iOS

More Automation Resources

If you’re still interested, here are some more iOS automation related posts.

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