littleBits videos

I thought I’d put all my littleBits videos in a single place so I could add to them over time. I hope you enjoy them and/or find them useful.

My time with littleBits is now over. I’ve sold off all of my bits. But I had fun with them.

No more littleBits

Last year I decided that I wasn’t doing anything interesting with my collection of littleBits components and modules, so I finally gave them up and sold them. I hope that they’ve all gone to good homes. They were fun, and very useful at times. I did enjoy them, but I think I had got to…

Sad to find out that bitLab is closed

The littleBits bitLab that is. I’d always wondered how sustainable it would be, but apparently there’s already an answer to that question. So it’s a shame. I think that there were some very nice projects in there but obviously not enough money to make it work. It’s a shame. It was a great idea.

Starting to build an automated twitter synth with littleBits

For a long time I’ve been thinking about the idea of being able to create a synth in hardware which reacted to the virtual world, more specifically, to being tweeted at. To that that end I got myself a littleBits CloudBit, which works quite well, albeit it isn’t able to provide as much data as…


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