Chimera bC16 patch library

I thought it might just be useful to anyone else who actually owns one of these quite rare devices to start a little patch library of sorts. I don’t know how many patches I’ll put up, but I do know that to start off with I’ll create some permanent links to useful documents for the bC16. Right here:

bc16_operation_manual_1v20 bc16_waveforms bc16_toplayout

So hopefully, if nothing else, these three documents will help you out. More to come soon.

Update 14.5.15

I’ve been playing about either bC16 for a little while now and I’m beginning to realise that actually making repeatable patches isn’t easy. Getting the same sound twice is hard!

I’ll keep at it though. 

Update 20.12.19

It has been a very long time since I updated this page. I realise that, and, to be honest, I think it’s unlikely that I’ll actually be creating that patch library. Having said that I have been getting into modular stuff a bit more, although not in a very traditional sense.

In fact, at some point I’d to be able to connect the bC16 to these two. That could be interesting. We shall see.

Please be aware that this page is no longer actively updated for a variety of possible reasons. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the page, and feel free to look around at some other stuff on the site, and please let me know what you think.

More modular stuff

Modular synth stuff and experimentation

Experimenting with little modular things

I’ve been exploring some of my tiny modular devices. Above you can see. I posted this picture a while ago on Instagram. It was a fun thing to play around with, and I think that these devices go very well together. I can see myself doing a lot more little sessions like this. I’ve been…

New bC16 Patch library page

I’ve added a new page which will eventually be home to a bunch of bC16 patches. I know that this won’t really appeal to a wide range of people, but it might be useful to a few people looking for this kind of thing. As I add to it I’ll let you know. For now,…

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