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This device has been with me for seven years now, and so far I have never found a reasonable use for it. Most recently I tried to get it working again with a few ideas of what I might use it for. I bought this, or rather funded it on Kickstarter, and now, sadly, the company that made it has long gone. These things happen of course, all too frequently.

As a device it has a lot of potential, but potential doesn’t always equate to actual usefulness, or at least that is always the case with me. I have a few ideas about using it, or possible uses for it, but right now, as I’ve decided to revive it, I cannot seem to get it to work at all. Which is somehow typical.

I have a sense that this happened the last time I tried to revive it. I will continue to try and get it running again, but it may be that it has simply had its day.


I was really looking forward to this. The original film was so much fun, and stands up even now. So the thought of a series around the story was fantastic. Having watched the first episode I can safely say I am truly disappointed. It feels like it wants to be a teen comedy, which is about as far away from the original as it could be.

After starting to write this I watched the second episode, which was a little better, but not much. I will probably stay with it though, just in case it gets better, but I have very little hope that it will.

What a shame.

Pact Coffee Advent Calendar

This is a lovely way to celebrate advent. A different coffee every day. So far these have been rather lovely coffees. Normally I grind my own beans each day, beans that I get from Pact Coffee, who make this advent calendar, and I would thoroughly recommend their products.

Over the next few days, in the run up to Christmas, you may hear some some about these coffees.


I was quite interested when this Marvel show got announced. It was certainly a bit different from other Marvel shows so I thought I’d watch it. How disappointed I was. I persevered with the show all of the way through to the end, but overall found it confused, aimless and badly thought through.

It was such a shame, such a wasted opportunity. Such a good character, so poorly executed and thought through. I have to say that I would be disappointed if Marvel made a second season and I’m not sure I could stomach watching it either.

Why did credit card computers not take off?

I noticed a Rex device on eBay the other day and was sorely tempted. In the end I resisted though. Which is probably good. But it got me thinking about these kinds of devices. I’ve posted about these before, a number of times and there is a page dedicated to all things PDA as well. I wonder why credit card sized devices never took off.

I know that smartphones have taken over almost every use case of mobile computing, but I do think that the result of that is that everything is a little dull. Sure we have smartwatches and phones, but the lack of a variety of form factors makes everything a little too uniform in many ways.

Something to think about maybe.

Blancmange in Electronic Sound Magazine

If you’ve been here before you’re probably aware that I am a big fan of Blancmange, which is why I bought this issue of Electronic Sound. I used to be a subscriber to the publication, but realised that the issues were pilling up and I was simply to getting through them. So I stopped. However, some issues grab my attention occasionally, and this one did.

The issue also came with a 7″ record.

Which is pretty nice all in all.

The interview was insightful, interesting and charming. A lot of the detail I knew already, but there was plenty of stories in there that made me smile.

I don’t know if you can still get this copy online, but if you’re a fan I would recommend it.

Blancmange in Electronic Sound magazine

Rebble hackathon

I find myself inextricably drawn back to the Pebble ecosystem, if indeed you can call it that. I had the original Pebble, then the Pebble Time. I got rid of both. The I decided to try something different with an original Pebble that I put on my key ring. I tried that for a few months, but in the end I really had no need for it, it had no real use at all.

Then I heard about this Rebble Hackathon, and once more, my interest is peaked. Why? Well, I have no idea really. For a start I don’t currently even own a Pebble device. However, I’ve been looking on eBay for them again. Once more, why? I do not know. It is probably just an obsession of some kind. I even tried using a Pebble on my key chain.

Sadly that little experiment was never really a success.

Anyway, I’m interested in what comes out from it. The event is running now (18th – 20th November 2022). If you want to find out more here’s the event page.

See, season 3

I have watched all three season of See on Apple TV+. In fact it was one of the things that attracted me to their streaming platform in the first place. Overall, I have to say that for me, the first season was by far the strongest of the three. Not that I am giving away any spoilers at all. However, I will say that the ending was quite satisfying. Of course, you should see it for yourself and make up your own mind, but for me I’m glad to have seen it. It was good if not ground breaking.

I am glad that See was limited to three seasons and not one of those series that rambles on and just fades out badly and gets cancelled. Keeping the story to play out over three seasons worked, although I think it could probably have been done in two. Nevertheless, I think I enjoyed it.

Jon Hassell: Atmospherics

It has taken me a while to read this book. Not that it is a big book at all, the opposite in fact, but the content is dense. Dense but just so interesting and insightful. It has been a pleasure to read this. I have enjoyed the work of Jon Hassell for many years, even when I had no idea it it was him.

Jon Hassell Atmospherics Book

If you are aware of Jon Hassell and his music, then I would recommend this book. It is a great insight into the thinking and process of the artist.