More Shriekback Lyrics

I am a big fan of Shriekback. I love their music, but a huge part of that is the lyrics they write for their songs. I bought the first book of lyrics. Which was great to read. Now there is volume two and it arrived yesterday. With the first one I found some real gems. I hope to find some more in volume two.

Dear Charlotte Ansell, please publish more poetry

Today I finished reading one of my favourite books of poetry, ‘Deluge’ by Charlotte Ansell. I think I’ve read this book about three times now, and each time I love it even more. My only complaint is that I would really like Charlotte Ansell to publish some more. I just can’t keep reading this book over and over.

Deluge by Charlotte Ansell
Deluge by Charlotte Ansell

For the time being I will satisfy myself by reading ‘After Rain’, which I think I have only read once so far.

So, please Charlotte, publish some more, I’m waiting.