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Vancouver Art Gallery, Mashup – The Birth of Modern Culture

I was in Vancouver for a week last week and visited the art gallery. They didn’t have much on as they were between exhibits apparently. However, this was on and was interesting in some ways.

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The Clangers and Bagpus exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood

I’ve never been to the V&A’s Museum of Childhood before, but decided to drop in and take a look as I was passing the other day. They had an exhibition of the Clangers and also Bagpus, which was brilliant. I love the Clangers and always have done.

It was only a little exhibition, but it was lovely to see and I’m sure to go back to this museum soon.

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Science Museum: Churchill’s Scientists

It feels like it was ages ago. This was another little exhibition in the Science Museum that I had a look at a week ago. Very interesting especially as I’ve just been reading Churchill’s history of the second world war. There was quite a lot of information that I didn’t know in there and some very insightful context too.

If you’re interested in going along it’s where the Alan Turing exhibition was a while back. If that makes sense at all.

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Science Museum: Ada Lovelace

I was quite surprised that it was actually quite a small exhibition for a character as important as Ada Lovelace. Even so, it was a nice little exhibition with some interesting facts. I’m sure they could’ve found more, I’m sure they could’ve got hold of more stuff about her, but anyway, I’m glad that they at least had an exhibition about her. That’s something.

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A visit to the Science Museum: “Cosmonauts, Birth of the Space Age”

I’ve always been interested in space. I’ve always been interested in the history of it and this exhibition reminded me about a lot of the things I’d heard about and lived through in the 70’s. When the space race was at its height, when the USSR was launching Soyuz missions and the Salyut Space Station was being used. There was so much good stuff in there, so many interesting artifacts.

It was exciting. It was amazing, and this exhibition took me back there and reminded me a lot of what it had been like when those events happened. I think it’s also given my interest in space a bit of a nudge too. I’ve always been interested, but I haven’t done much about it for a long time. Perhaps I should now, perhaps I will.

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Soundscapes Exhibition at the National Gallery

Soundscapes Exhibition at the National Gallery
Soundscapes Exhibition at the National Gallery

So I went to the National Gallery to see the Soundscapes exhibition. I’d heard a lot about this exhibition and I thought that the concept was great, but was interested to find out for myself.

So the way it was set up was that each room had a single painting together with the artist’s sound work for that painting. There were 6 actual pieces and a film about the overall concept where the artists talked about there work and how it had come about.

I think that the idea, the concept, and the process was great, but sadly more successful than the overall result. A couple of the pieces worked well but on the whole I didn’t think it was all it could have been, which was a shame really.

I’m glad that they try these things out though. That’s what’s important really.