So, that was Record Store Day then …

Mick Karn, The Jump, 7"
Mick Karn, The Jump, 7″

I had high hopes for getting a lot of stuff from this year’s Record Store Day. I decided to go to Sister Ray Records in Soho as I found that their approach to RSD was much better organised that some other stores. I got there just before 8am and got to the shop itself at around 10:30. I guess I had about 10 different records on my list. So how many did I get?

One. Just one. That’s right, after queuing in the cold, and it was really cold, for 2 and a half hours I managed to get just one record from the day. I was a bit disappointed to say the least. I think that it’s the worst I’ve done since starting to go along, and it makes me question what RSD is about.

Is it about celebrating and turning up to support your local independent store, or is it about buying stuff to sell on through eBay or elsewhere? Having just had a quick look on eBay I know what I think, but you make your own mind up.

Not sure I’ll be bothering again.


Today is Record Store Day!

I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time now and the day is here! I’ll be out and about trying to grab everything on my list. Later on I’ll let you know how I get on.


Record Store Day list published

And it’s a very interesting list too. There’s a handful on there that I’m very interested in. Some really good stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how much of it I’m able to get my hands on.

If you’re interested in the list, you can find it right here.


Record Store Day set for the 16th of April

I have to admit that I hadn’t really been on the ball on this one this year, and I only just noticed that they were going to announce the exclusives later today! Still, now I know the date (16/4) I can make sure I don’t miss it. Apparently the exclusives list is going to be published at 6:15pm today, so I’ll be looking out for that.


Simple Minds at Record Store Day


This is a great track from Simple Minds and another ‘must have’ on my Record Store Day list. So I was really happy to get hold of it.

Generally speaking I preferred their earlier stuff, but actually this was a really good song and a lovely picture disc too in this version.


Blancmange at Record Store Day


This was one of the things I wanted most to get at Record Store Day this year, and I did. Although I had to get it at Sister Ray, who I thought were really good at organising themselves this year.

It was worth it too. A really good 12″.


Sylvian / Sakamoto … Bamboo Houses RSD release


This is one of the things I really wanted to get this year at RSD. I have the tracks already, in fact, I think I have multiple versions in multiple formats too, but that’s not what this is about.

The two songs are really important to me. They bring back special memories, and any opportunity to have a new version or iteration, even in just the packaging, well, I’ll take it. This edition, for Record Store Day, is rather lovely. I’ve played it once, just once. That’s enough. It’s a thing of beauty, and I’m glad to have it.