Cassette Obsessions

Having used cassettes for years I am now getting rid of them, or at least I am in the process of getting rid of them and it has thrown up a lot of interesting issues for me. I’ve categorised these issues.


  • Re-listening to my old tapes has made me want to revisit a body of work that I haven’t listened to in a very long time
  • It has made me remember how good some of my old material is (in my opinion of course)


  • I still like the linear nature of tape
  • I like the fact that tape is limited in so many ways
  • Some tapes / cassettes have a real character and are impossible to replicate with digital recording

It also intrigues me that so many digital recording processes use tape as a user interface analogy. I suppose that it is just a very simple and easy to understand representation of a recording. However, as tape and cassettes become an ever distant memory I think that a new metaphor for recording will be needed. I wonder what that will be?

Having enjoyed tapes so much I decided not to get rid of my tapes in the end and I’ve stuck with what I have now.

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