Picking up that award …

Rhinegold Media - Music Teacher Awards - 2016
Rhinegold Media – Music Teacher Awards – 2016

Lilly and I picking up that award last month. This is the official picture.


SoundLab has been included in the NESTA predictions for 2016.

I was really pleased to see even a small mention of SoundLab in NESTA’s predictions for 2016. I think it should be a big part of what happens next year, and I hope that it’ll be a big part of what I do next year anyway. Their top 10 is in effect a series of topic areas, audio or sound being one. Inside of that they’ve got a series of things they mention. In a way it isn’t strictly speaking a prediction, or at least not as I’d recognise anyway.

Even so, SoundLab is in there and I’m pleased to see it there, especially after the event we delivered for them last month.

If you’re interested in reading about their predictions, you can find them here.