That’s what we call a PlayRave

I’ve talked about Heart n Soul a plenty here. These are some pictures from our last event at the end of July. It was awesome. A huge amount of fun.

SoundLab wins Best SEND Resource at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence

I posted a lot of detail about this over at PalmSounds, and if you’re really interested then please do go and take a look over there, there’s plenty of information there. But I just wanted to add the photos here and say how important this is to me, and how great it is to be a part of this team.

Not long until the Music Education Expo awards

In some ways I still can’t quite believe that we were nominated at all, although of course it’s great to be nominated for anything. In case this isn’t making any sense at all, SoundLab has been nominated in the SEND resource category. I’ve very glad to say I’m going to be there, both at the expo and also at the awards too. I haven’t been to an awards do in ages, so it’s bound to be fun.

SoundLab has been included in the NESTA predictions for 2016.

I was really pleased to see even a small mention of SoundLab in NESTA’s predictions for 2016. I think it should be a big part of what happens next year, and I hope that it’ll be a big part of what I do next year anyway. Their top 10 is in effect a series of topic areas, audio or sound being one. Inside of that they’ve got a series of things they mention. In a way it isn’t strictly speaking a prediction, or at least not as I’d recognise anyway.

Even so, SoundLab is in there and I’m pleased to see it there, especially after the event we delivered for them last month.

If you’re interested in reading about their predictions, you can find them here.

SoundLab Play Space: Studio Amplify

SoundLab Play Space
SoundLab Play Space

These guys are pretty amazing actually. I’ve been following their NOiZE app for a long time now and it’s nearly ready for prime time. I’m glad to have been a part of the journey that they’ve been on and I’m pleased that they were able to be SoundLab’s Play Space event at NESTA last month.

Mark and Ed using LoopTree at the SoundLab Play Space

SoundLab Play Space
SoundLab Play Space

Ed from LoopTree (Coding Cod) was an absolute star at the Play Space and helped lots of people get to grips with looping where they’d never done it before. I liked this photo a lot as it also has Mark from Heart n Soul in it.