A few days on a canal boat

It’s been a long time since I was last on a canal boat, but, as this year was a somewhat significant birthday it seemed like a good idea to celebrate with a few days away on a narrowboat with some good friends.

The boat was May, the pace was slow, and the beer was flowing! Basically, it was a good choice and I’m pretty sure that everyone had a grand time. Perhaps I’ll do it again for another ‘significant’ birthday.

School of Noise at the Festival of Imagination last month

I’ve talked about the school of noise before. What they do is incredible, and the two videos above just show a little of what they can achieve in getting kids to experiment with sound.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with them at the Festival of Imagination a couple of weeks ago, and if you ever get the chance to see them in action I’d recommend taking a look.

If you want to know more about them, check out their site schoolofnoise.com, and also the PalmSounds page about them here.

That’s amazing, 19 years of Disquiet

It is a truly amazing thing that Disquiet has been going for 19 years now. I’m in awe. To maintain and develop such and amazing site for that long is a real achievement. I have to take my hat off to Marc for doing it.

Of course he has the best taste too, his choice of people to interview is impeccable! Of course I would say that, wouldn’t I!

When I went to visit Bare Conductive

The Home of Bare Conductive
The Home of Bare Conductive

I went to see Bare Conductive the other day to talk to them about the SoundLab event we’re running at NESTA later this month. Bare Conductive is just one of so many companies who are being super helpful.

I’ve been a fan of Bare Conductive for a long time now and they’re doing even more interesting things with the TouchBoard and conductive ink. I hope to be able to show you what I’m doing with the TouchBoard and how we’re going to use it at the SoundLab playspace event, so expect some more posts on the subject soon.