Near Future’s new single

I bought this single last week, and I’ve been playing it a lot ever since. It’s actually really good. In fact, it’s a lot like the kind of music I think that Neil Arthur should be making with Blancmange. So it was a big strange really to be listening to it when it wasn’t by…

And new things coming from Mr Arthur then!

It’s good to hear that Neil Arthur is doing even more music. Hot on the heals of the latest Blancmange album ‘Commuter 23’ (I’m still listening to it and thinking about how I feel about it), he’s into a new musical exploit called ‘Near Future’. I just missed out on getting a signed CD of…

Blancmange, Commuter 23 CD

My copy came through the post. It’s a nicely produced object. I’m glad I went for it rather than just a download. Although, I would’ve like it if they’d put it on vinyl too.

Listening to the new Blancmange Album

I’ve been listening to Jack Knife, and Last Night I dreamt I had a Job, both interesting. I’m looking forward hearing the whole album when it comes out, but sadly I won’t make the live shows this year. That’s a shame really.

A new album coming from Blancmange next yeaar

This is excellent news. I’m really pleased that they’re making music. I’ve enjoyed the last few things they’ve done and gone to see the tours each year since they started back. So the new album will be called Commuter 23. I’m looking forward to it, and to their tour too.

nil by mouth finally released properly 

Which is great. I think I need to hear it again and reacquaint myself with it. I hope it does well for Blancmange, and I really hope that they bring some new music out in 2016. I’ve really enjoyed the new stuff and how they’ve revisited their original material too. Anyway, let’s add it to…