Taking handheld computing to the previous level

My love of old palm OS devices seems to go on forever and as a result I used to have another site called Palmorama, with the strap line “taking handheld computing to the previous level”. I always liked that strap line.

After a lot of soul searching I decided that it was time to give up on Palmorama. It had been good, but, like so many things, it was time to call it a day.

But there’s a fair amount of Palm PDA related content here, just scroll down for some related posts. Or check out the downloads page for lots of Palm OS related stuff. If all else fails then try a search:

Finding new uses for old technology (or not)

Thinking about how to use old technology and hardware in actually useful ways

So NinerPaint is coming to iOS 

NinerPaint was a totally amazing app for Palm OS. It was one of the best Palm OS apps around. Now it’s coming to iOS, and, it’s coming back to Palm OS as well. This is brilliant news. As soon as it’s available I’ll let you know.

Say hello to Fossil …

I’m really loving experimenting with the Fossil. It’s a great old smartwatch from before we called things smartwatches and before we knew what a wearable was. Hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll have some apps for it too.

Some music from me from ages ago

I made this ages ago but realised that I hadn’t made it public in my SoundCloud account. It was made entirely using Bhajis Loops. So I thought I’d post it.


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