Music has the right to children

I really can’t believe that this album is 25 years old now. That sounds ridiculous and makes me feel old all at the same time. I still love this album and now I feel the need to listen to it again, and maybe all of their work. That sounds like a really good to thing to do.


I have started watching Farscape several times and always lost interest. But it is one of those Science Fiction shows that I feel I should have watched all of the way through. So I am now going to do it justice. I have got well into season two now and I am actually enjoying it quite a lot, which is a big improvement on my previous attempts.

I plan to get through the whole thing and the movie at the end as well. When I do I’ll let you know my verdict.

Dear Charlotte Ansell, please publish more poetry

Today I finished reading one of my favourite books of poetry, ‘Deluge’ by Charlotte Ansell. I think I’ve read this book about three times now, and each time I love it even more. My only complaint is that I would really like Charlotte Ansell to publish some more. I just can’t keep reading this book over and over.

Deluge by Charlotte Ansell
Deluge by Charlotte Ansell

For the time being I will satisfy myself by reading ‘After Rain’, which I think I have only read once so far.

So, please Charlotte, publish some more, I’m waiting.

Goodbye Mr Takahashi

I only learnt today that Yukihiro Takahashi passed away earlier this month. He was 70 years old. I have been a fan of his work for some decades and I still enjoy his music a great deal. I have to say that it actually hit me quite hard.

I first listened to his album “What? Me Worry”. An album made with Bill Nelson, another favourite artist of mine. I listened to that album over and over as a teenager. I loved it so much then, and I still do.

My first reaction to hearing this news was to find the albums of his that I don’t own as yet. There are a few. He had a prolific output. I expect that over the coming weeks and months I will be listening to a lot of his music again.

I’ve been looking for a long time

Back in the 80s I used to listen to John Peel’s show. It is where many of my musical tastes were formed and a lot of the artists I first heard on his show are people I still listen to now. But there are still one or two things that I have never found. One thing I have never found was a session on one of his shows. I can’t remember the name of the artist or the names of any of the tracks. You can see why this is a problem right?

All I know is that the session, if indeed it was a session, was all about a utopian world. It was futuristic kind of science fiction music. I recorded it, but on reel to reel, which is what I used to use back then. Of course now I no longer have access to that machine although I may still have the reels. But the reels might be solidified by now anyway.

I doubt that I will ever rediscover this music. Which is a shame. But every now and then I have a look for it. To date, always in vain.

The best news for a Friday, there is more Space 1999 coming

I got an email today from Big Finish saying that there is going to be a new set of Space 1999 stories coming in May this year. Which is excellent news. I have really enjoyed the previous Space 1999 stories they made. I was a big fan of the original series and I’ve watched it many times over.

When it came back to audio with Big Finish I was so pleased that there would be new stories, and they’ve been really good too. My only complaint is that there haven’t been enough stories for my liking. At least there’s more coming and not too long to wait.

Shriekback – Bowlahoola

I am a big Shriekback fan. I have liked their music for a long time now. Their latest album, Bowlahoola was released recently and I got my copy in the post.

One of the things I like the most about Shriekback is their lyrics. They are clever, intelligent, witty. Sometimes their songs even make me laugh, but they are always interesting and well put together. This album is no exception at all.

You might think that after all this time they would have lost their touch, but no, this album is just as fresh as ever, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Laurie Anderson has to be one of the most original people of all time

Over the last day or so I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s ‘Life of a Dog’. I have listened to it before, but this time around I was struck by it’s deep poetry. I found it incredibly moving. I’m not sure that I had quite appreciated just how powerful it was.

I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s music for longer than I have not been listening to her. Which is saying something. I have also seen her perform live on more occasions that I can remember and saw her give a Q&A session at a screening of her film ‘heart of a dog’. Whilst I have never met her, she comes across as a very sincere and honest person who cares about what she does.

What she does, she does in the most original and unique way. I think that sometimes it is easy to overlook just how amazing she is as an artist and an individual, and I wanted to say that.