Today is national poetry day

This kind of crept up on me today. I just didn’t know that it was national poetry day at all. If I had known I’d have done something to celebrate, I’d have at least read one or two of my favourite poems, but I’ve sort of missed the boat.

I’ll have to do something a bit more next year.


I found two things


I’d been wondering for a while where these poetry cards had disappearted to, and then, when I found my little pencil box which also has an abacus inside it, there were the cards, all ready to use. I was really pleased to have found both again.

It’s National Poetry Day!

I had no idea at all! But it is for real. Today is National Poetry day, so I think I’ll celebrate by reading some of my favourite poems and poets a bit later on.

Also, the Poetry Library has launched a new eloans scheme so you can get audiobooks and ebooks of poetry from them wherever you are. I think I’m going to take advantage of that very soon too.

Edinburgh Fringe: Anthem for a Doomed Youth

I’m a big fan of Guy Masterson’s work. His “Under Milk Wood” was incredible, so when I’m in Edinburgh I always make an effort to see whatever it is that he’s in. This year the only thing that he was doing that coincided with my time at the fringe was “Anthem for a Doomed Youth”. His readings of World War 1 poetry. It was very good. Very powerful, and as always with Guy Masterson, full of emotion and meaning and at times, even humor.

At some point I’d love to see his “Under Milk Wood” again. I really hope he performs it somewhere I can get to at some point.

Random interactive poem 1

This was an idea I had the other day. The gallery of words above will randomly re-order when you click on the title of the post giving you a new random poem. Simple idea really. I know that it isn’t completely effective but it is just a bit of fun that’s all.

The Scott Monument

I climbed the Scott Monument on my last day in Edinburgh. The last time I was in the city it wasn’t open to the public. Although that was a long time ago now.

I’m glad I did it. It was certainly an experience, but not for everyone I shouldn’t think, and certainly not in very heavy wind and rain.