I like to have things automated in a variety of ways. It’s a hobby / obsession of mine, and as I’ve written about it a few times I thought I’d try to keep a few things about it going.

So here you’ll find a bit more about recipes and the like on iOS automation and Android.

Also, here are some of the more recent things I’ve been doing with automation:

  • Starting to play with Pythonista as a way to automate iOS
  • Using Drafts URL schemes to launch and control other apps
  • Using Action Centre for automating / controlling my mac from my iPad

Since I first started this page my enthusiasm for automation has somewhat cooled. These days I rarely find it a necessity, so there will probably be few updates on this subject. Just thought I should mention that in case you expect anything more.

If you’re interested, then here are some posts about automation

Goodbye IFTTT

Why I am saying goodbye to the IFTTT service

Well done IFTTT, I didn’t see that coming at all

Today I got an email from IFTTT with news about their service. This is quite normal. They add to their service on a very regular basis. However, I wasn’t expecting the new addition to be a city. Louisville to be precise. Whilst this was a bit of a shock, and also somewhat confusing as well…

Day One (2) Adds IFTTT integration

They’d said that they were going to do that, but now they actually have. It looks ok. But it’s made me wonder why I would automate a journal entry? What would that work? I’m not sure at all. Anyway, I’m still on Day One ‘Classic’ and not 2 as yet as I’ve had too many…


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