I like to have things automated in a variety of ways. It’s a hobby / obsession of mine, and as I’ve written about it a few times I thought I’d try to keep a few things about it going.

So here you’ll find a bit more about recipes and the like on iOS automation and Android.

Also, here are some of the more recent things I’ve been doing with automation:

  • Starting to play with Pythonista as a way to automate iOS
  • Using Drafts URL schemes to launch and control other apps
  • Using Action Centre for automating / controlling my mac from my iPad

Since I first started this page my enthusiasm for automation has somewhat cooled. These days I rarely find it a necessity, so there will probably be few updates on this subject. Just thought I should mention that in case you expect anything more.

If you’re interested, then here are some posts about automation

Goodbye IFTTT

Why I am saying goodbye to the IFTTT service


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