Multiple OS iPhone 3G (no longer active)

Here’s the latest: Well I finally decided to give up on this project. Not because it didn’t work, but because I just didn’t use it that much and it also seemed to slow down the old 3G to the point where it was almost unusable.

However, if I’m honest the Android (iDroid) set up wasn’t very useful to me and the iDroid project itself seems to have ground to a halt. Also there was nothing really that I wanted on Cydia. So I wasn’t really sure why I had it set up like this.

So I’m going to reset it and start again in terms of seeing what it can be used for.


This is a sort of pet project of mine that I revisit from time to time. The general idea is to have a single device with multiple useful operating systems running on it.

I started doing this on my iPhone 3G in 2010 and then gave up. However, I couldn’t shake the bug and so tried again in late 2011 with the benefit of the iDroid project having moved forward somewhat.

In Jan 2011 I now have an iPhone 3G which also runs Android using iDroid, OpeniBoot, and Bootlace. The iOS installation also has StyleTap running the old Palm OS on it too. Quite fun so far. More to come though I’m sure.


November 2012: Well I’ve gone back to this project again. Revisiting the 3G and loading it with stuff. It’s running iOS 4 and iDroid too, plus of course the very handy StyleTap platform as well. Ideally I’d like to get it running some other bits and pieces such as a ZX81 and Spectrum emulator amongst others, but that will come in time no doubt.

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