Laurie Anderson has to be one of the most original people of all time

Over the last day or so I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s ‘Life of a Dog’. I have listened to it before, but this time around I was struck by it’s deep poetry. I found it incredibly moving. I’m not sure that I had quite appreciated just how powerful it was.

I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s music for longer than I have not been listening to her. Which is saying something. I have also seen her perform live on more occasions that I can remember and saw her give a Q&A session at a screening of her film ‘heart of a dog’. Whilst I have never met her, she comes across as a very sincere and honest person who cares about what she does.

What she does, she does in the most original and unique way. I think that sometimes it is easy to overlook just how amazing she is as an artist and an individual, and I wanted to say that.

Laurie Andrerson, Nothing in my Pockets

Laurie Anderson Nothing in my pockets

I was given this book as a present a while ago. I hadn’t heard about the book, or the recordings before this, so it was a very nice surprise.

I’ve just finished reading the book. It’s short. Very short, but very readable, and very engaging indeed. Bits of it made really me smile, and I can thoroughly recommend it if you’re a fan of Laurie Anderson, or if you appreciate her style of music and performance.

It made me think about what an audio diary or audio journal would be, or indeed should be. It raised some interesting questions about what constitutes meaningful and engaging sound. These are all good questions. I don’t have any answers as yet, but they’re definitely on my mind, and, as and when I do have some answers, I’ll let you know.

Laurie Anderson to be the guest director of the Brighton Festival

This is great news. Usually she’s part of things that are away in the states and I have no chance of seeing them, but Brighton is really quite accessible for me. So I think this is a distinct possibility for getting along to some of the events.

The news from Nonsuch is here, and the Brighton Festival site is here.

Laurie Anderson Wise Women on BBC Radio 6 Music

I’ve been listening to this show on and off since it was broadcast on Christmas day last year and it really is worth listening to. Not only are there some very interesting pieces that she’s included, but it gives you a rare insight into what sorts of music Laurie Anderson finds moving.

It’s easy enough to find on iPlayer Radio if you’re interested.

Listening to Laurie Anderson’s “Heart of a Dog”

Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog
Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog

So just a few first impressions really, after only listening through once.

Firstly, I loved it. It was very story focused. It was funny, and sad, and poignant, and beautiful. I really enjoyed listening to it a lot.

So I’m expecting to really enjoy it on all the subsequent listens too.

Cassette Store Day 2015: Favourite Cassettes – An interview with Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson Interview Cassette Inlay
Laurie Anderson Interview Cassette Inlay

Laurie Anderson Interview Cassette
Laurie Anderson Interview Cassette

Of course, not all tapes are music. This is a favourite interview with Laurie Anderson, who remains as one of my favourite artists of all time.

I’ve listened to this often, and always find it insightful, although I think I just like to hear the sound of her voice.

Laurie Anderson’s ‘Heart of a Dog’ out later this month

Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog
Laurie Anderson Heart of a Dog

I only heard about this album in an email from Nonesuch records. So I pre-ordered it almost immediately. I’ve no idea of what to expect from it, except of course that it will be interesting and beautiful and thought provoking.

So I’m looking forward to it a lot, and may, as a result, go over some of Laurie Anderson’s previous works in advance of hearing it.