Laurie Anderson has to be one of the most original people of all time

Over the last day or so I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s ‘Life of a Dog’. I have listened to it before, but this time around I was struck by it’s deep poetry. I found it incredibly moving. I’m not sure that I had quite appreciated just how powerful it was.

I have been listening to Laurie Anderson’s music for longer than I have not been listening to her. Which is saying something. I have also seen her perform live on more occasions that I can remember and saw her give a Q&A session at a screening of her film ‘heart of a dog’. Whilst I have never met her, she comes across as a very sincere and honest person who cares about what she does.

What she does, she does in the most original and unique way. I think that sometimes it is easy to overlook just how amazing she is as an artist and an individual, and I wanted to say that.

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