Leaving more social media

Recently I posted that I had decided to leave twitter, and I’m glad about that. But that decision made me wonder why I was still on any of the other so called ‘social networks’ ? These days they rarely feel social, more anti-social. So I am off almost all of the major networks now, and life feels better as a result.

Messing around with chat bots

So I’ve been experimenting with the whole chat bot thing. Messenger chat bots to be precise. It’s a very interesting area actually. Creating a bot that can respond in a rudimentary way to what people are saying to it is quite a fun thing to experiment with. The main idea so far is to make a bot that can respond to questions for PalmSounds. My first attempts are up and running and working though. I’m quite pleased so far, but it needs more work before it’s ready for prime time.

Remember there’s the RandomBus, and it’s going to get better too

Whilst mentioning VL tonifier I thought I’d also talk about another of my developing collection of bots, the RandomBus, which I launched a little while ago. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too. I’ve got some plans for the RandomBus, some interesting plans which I hope to get out in the next few weeks. When they come about I’ll let you know.

And now there’s the RandomBus

I’ve mentioned this on PalmSounds just now but, as I’ve already made a bot called the Wisdom of Pullo and talked about it here a number of times, I thought I’d mention my new one, the RandomBus, which I’ve just launched. It was fun to make and hopefully it’ll be fun for anyone who wants to follow it too.

So Pocket is now a social network 

It’s interesting to see how a bookmarking app can evolve over time. Now it seems to be becoming a social network in its own right. All the usual things are there, like following and followers, sharing and liking etc. As a matter of fact I don’t think it is a bad implementation at all. I like the way they’ve done it. Time will tell if it works out or not. So far, I think it’s ok. Good start.

The wisdom of Pullo

I was a big fan of Rome when it was on and I think I’ve watched it several times since then. One of the best things about Rome was legionary Pullo and his amazing sayings. He came out with some absolute classics and I didn’t want them to be lost. So I had an idea to set up a twitter account which would tweet some of his best everyday.

So I’ve set up a twitter account which will tweet his wisdom every day. If you want to follow it, you can find it here.

My app of the week this week is … Tweetbot 3

I don’t think I could go back to using the standard twitter app anymore. Tweetbot 3 is so much easier to use, especially for multiple accounts, as it actually treats each account differently, or rather, it allows you to treat each account differently. In what way? Well, I use two ‘read it later’ services. One with each of my twitter accounts. Twitter’s own iOS app only allows you to use a single service across multiple accounts, but this doesn’t work for me. Tweetbot 3 allows me the flexibility I need here, and that’s not all.

In tweetbot 3 you can fine tune the interface, with the two buttons at the end of the bar being configurable. Again, this works on a per account basis, which is completely sensible in my view and is exactly what I need.

So overall tweetbot 3 is a massive step in the right direction and unless things with the main twitter app change significantly I won’t be going back.

My soundtracking stuff

I’ve added a little button thing in the sidebar, at the bottom, for SoundTracking. If you want to follow me on SoundTracking, click it. Couldn’t be simpler really.