Original Pebble revived

I backed the original Pebble on Kickstarter, and used the original Pebble device for quite some time. It was great and very useful indeed, but I replaced it with the Pebble Time when that came out.

I had experimented with using the original with an old iPhone, and effectively converting the Pebble to be used as a keychain accessory. This is fairly easy to do with a 3D printed part.

However, on reflection, there was really no point to this, so I gave up this idea. It’s a shame, but if it serves no purpose, then there’s no real point in doing it.

So, whilst it still works just fine, it’s probably time to say goodbye to Pebble 1. Maybe someone else will have a good use for it.

So the Pebble will last a bit longer then

Pebble’s latest iOS app (and I guess Android as well), removes the Pebble watch reliance on Pebble’s servers and means that the device can last a lot longer than the end of 2017, or at least that’s how it seems.

I’m still hopeful that someone else will bring out a real alternative firmware for Pebble soon. I’m hoping that Rebble will do something, but there’s been no update on their site since the end of January. There will certainly be enough Pebble users to make it worth their while, or at least I would imagine so. I’d happily pay for something new from them.

Rebble comes along, a glimmer of hope for Pebble owners?

I’d been wondering when this might happen. I thought it was very likely that a group might come together to launch something for the Pebble community before they’re forsaken by Pebble, or rather Fitbit in a year.

It’s early days, but I hope that they do make something worthwhile.

So Pebble are launching yet more smartwatches

They announced new devices this morning. Interesting I guess, but I can’t see myself getting in on this Kickstarter. I’ll probably take a look of course, I don’t think I could avoid that, but I don’t think I’m in the market for another smartwatch. Having said that, I hope that it goes really well for them. I’d like to see them do well against all the competition.

Pebble Time battery life


This time around it took almost 5 days for my Pebble Time to get down to a 20% charge. I thought that wasn’t bad at all.


The most interesting thing was that not only did I get the nice alert to the fact that my battery was low, but also the watch face itself went red to constantly remind me.


I don’t know if all watch faces either do this, or are capable of doing this, but I think it’s a really useful feature.

How’s that Pebble then?

So, a couple of days into my use of the Pebble Time, how’s it going? Well so far so good. Today I was interested to see how the constant bluetooth LE connection would drain my iPhone 6. It seemed to add an additional drain, but not too much. So that’s a good sign, a good step forward.

Notifications are pretty good though. I quite like them even though they get a little bit annoying at times, but I think that’s more to do with my having too many on my iPhone anyway, so perhaps it’s a good prompt to clear those up.

Next I’m interested to see how I can do more with the Pebble and get it working for me in the way I’d really like it to. More of that soon though.

So my Pebble Time has arrived …

After a not bad wait at all my new Pebble Time smartwatch has arrived. So now I’m experimenting with it to see what it can do and what I can get done with it. That’s going to take a little while I should think, but as I decided to go with the Pebble Time just before the Apple Watch was announced and took centre stage I want to see how much I can get done with the new Pebble.

So expect updates on this over the coming weeks …

Pebble is shipping …

It’s great news. It couldn’t be soon enough. I know that they’ll take a while to get them out to everyone, and that I shouldn’t expect it too soon, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Of course, the one thing that is missing at the moment is the iPhone app on the app store.

I hope that it gets here before my pebble does.