As I’m sure you’d expect, this page is about this site / blog and it might explain a few things if you’ve stumbled in here and are wondering what’s going on or what it’s for, or at least that’s the general idea anyway.

What is it about then?  Good question, glad you asked. Partly it is about my thoughts, projects or just things I’m doing and have done, things I’m involved with and, to a lesser degree, what I can do. So from that perspective it is more like a regular web site or blog really, and often you’re just going to see stuff about what I’m interested in, like Doctor Who. Actually, a lot of Doctor Who if I’m honest.

I’ve had this site since 2010 and it has changed a lot in that time. It’s moved from a .com to the current .me domain, it’s grown a lot. In terms of the amount of stuff that’s here anyway.

Really it is just a place for me to put my other thoughts, things, and rants, and because of that it lacks a deliberate and specific focus. I don’t mind that. But I think it makes the place a little harder to get to grips with.

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