PDA Obsessions

I have to admit it. It is true. I do have a sort of obsession with PDAs / Handheld computers. I don’t know why. I just do. I started off with my first PDA a long time ago. It was a Palm III which I bought as an organiser and then discovered a huge world of software that you could run on the device. I never really looked back after that.

I’ve had devices for most mobile platforms including Palm OS, Rex, Windows Mobile, iOS, and most recently Android. Although arguably you can’t really call iOS and Android PDA platforms.

So what do I do with these things? The short answer is a lot. I’ve been using devices like these for a long time now and used them for all sorts of things, from the basics like calendars to do lists and the like to making music with virtually all my PDAs and devices.

I especially like unusual uses or software for PDAs. Things like alternative operating systems and applications the provide alternative interfaces for a device, and hopefully, different capabilities too.

Here are a few of the devices I have or have owned over the years.

Rex devices (credit card sized PDAs)

Whilst these devices were not always the most useful I thought that these were such a good idea. In fact I do wonder why there have been no similar credit card devices made by modern manufacturers.

More regular PDAs

Here are some of the devices I have owned over the years. Some really cool devices too, like the TRG Pro, the Zodiac, a gaming version of the Palm hardware, and the Handera 330. I don’t have all of these anymore, but this is kind of my little museum of devices.

Reviving a PDA

Reviving a Palm Treo 750 smartphone


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