Barbican: Britain on the move

I went to this on Sunday as I was invited by a friend. I probably would have overlooked this event if it wasn’t for that. But it was good. Quite unique in fact.

I have always had a love of trains, or perhaps, to be more accurate, a love of being on long train journeys. So this appealed to me simply for that fact.

The films shown were of mixed quality. All of them showed different aspects of train travel in different parts of the UK. From busy cities, to the countryside and seaside. The one I liked the best was the first commuter inter city train. The film of that was very focused on the comfort and luxury of the journey. It was very business centric, but, as a piece of social history, very interesting. As was the music, which was live and performed by an ensemble of musicians from the guild hall. They had composed the score themselves, and whilst some of it was electronic and appealed to me a bit more, a lot of it was more generally contemporary.

Overall it was a very good experience. Well put together. Enjoyable. I would certainly go to something like that again.

Lunch on the Pullman

This was a rare treat as part of a trip away for a couple of friends’ birthdays. There are very few pullman cars on regular trains, so if you find one it’s well worth going. The one I visited was excellent, both the food and the service.

These kinds of services are dying out as the train operators decide to get rid of them just to make more profit out of us without offering anything in value at all.

I hope that I can find another one in the not too distant future.

Rail Ale 2015

Front of the Rail Ale train, 31st July 2015
Front of the Rail Ale train, 31st July 2015

It’s been a couple of years since I was on the Rail Ale train. It’s a lovely evening on the bluebell railway in Sussex and well worth trying out if you’ve never been. The format is simple. Steam train + Real Ale + Sausage and Mash supper + Jazz band. Easy.

The Rail Ale train, 31st July 2015
The Rail Ale train, 31st July 2015

The atmosphere is lovely, especially if you have a really nice sunny evening to enjoy as well. The crowd is all there to have a good time and enjoy the beers, of which there were many, and all good in terms of those I managed to sample.

It isn’t the cheapest evening out, but as an occasional outing it’s well worth the money, and of course, as the Bluebell railway is a charity I don’t begrudge them the cash.

A beer voucher from Rail Ale, 31st July 2015
A beer voucher from Rail Ale, 31st July 2015

My favourite ale of the evening was called “Piston Broke”, which seemed apt in some ways for a pleasant evening of beer and music.

A great night out all in all.