What I’m hoping to get my hands on from Record Store Day 2015

I’m really looking forward to RSD2015 and there are good reasons too, in fact, quite a number of good reasons, all of which I’m hoping to get hold of. Here’s my list of stuff I’m after:

  1. Eno, Brian –  My Squelchy Life (2LP)
  3. Blancmange – I Want More (Extended Version)
  4. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music This new twist on the Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music 7” single was overseen by David Sylvian himself. The bespoke sleeve has been designed by long time Sylvian collaborator, Chris Biggs (23 Envelope ) and the photographs are by internationally renowned photographer, Yaka Fujii. Format: 7″ Single
  5. Dexys Midnight Runners – 30th anniversary purple vinyl edition of this masterpiece.
  6. HOLGER CZUKAY – HIT/FLOP. Format: 2×10″
  8. Simple Minds – Waterfront (Picture Disc). Format: 7″ Single
  9. The Doors – Strange Days (Mono). Format: 1 x 12″ / black vinyl

It’s a big list this year. The last couple of years I haven’t been looking for nearly as many items, but this year there are just too many good things.

Record Store Day is on the 18th of April

I’m a big fan of Record Store Day. I’ve been going for a few years now. It’s a fun event and you can end up getting some great records. Of course as we get closer to the day there will be more news about which labels are releasing what albums for record store day this year.

Last year I picked up all the things I want to get in the end, but I wish I’d had a bit more time on the day to stay and watch some of the live performances and just mooch around a bit too.

The dilema of opening things


I posted yesterday about getting this 12″ single of The The’s Giant. So far so good. But, sadly, the nice sticker on the front of the disc is on the cellophane and not on the sleeve itself, meaning that the minute I open it, the sticker is gone!


Getting the Giant …


This was the other record store day release I really wanted, but couldn’t get on the day. At the time I thought I’d done pretty well to get 2 out of three of the special releases I wanted, but I’d really wanted this too and ended up looking on eBay for it.

Well the one I got wasn’t a bad price at all, and was in perfect condition too.

Record Store Day Release of Metamatic

Amended Metamatic pak

One of the things I picked up from Record Store Day last weekend was this special release of John Foxx’s first album Metamatic on white vinyl. I’ve had this album for ages but I couldn’t resist getting this version.

Record Store Day 2014

Just some pictures from what was a very cold queue for Rough Trade East on Saturday morning. I think I queued up for just over 2 hours in the end, and I managed to get two of the three special releases I was after.

Happy Record Store day

Great to see that this is being kept alive. I have very fond memories of time spent searching around in record stores for something unique and interesting. Especially second hand stores like the sadly missed Beanos which used to be in Surrey Street.

I hope that events like this keep people visiting record stores, not just on a day like today, but far more often.