New friends and art at the weekend

Last Saturday was an awesome day for a wide variety of reasons. The company of Mr Miki Strange. It was great to meet him after all these years online and equally great to share two exhibitions I really wanted to see with him.

Miki has posted his views of the day here and here, and I don’t think I can put down my thoughts in a more concise manner than that to be honest.

Google Web Lab

I was really looking forward to seeing this exhibition at the Science Museum, but it wasn’t all I’d hoped it would be. I suppose that in many ways it wasn’t geared towards me at all, but an audience for whom a web based sequencer would be completely fresh idea.

Another visit to the Oramics Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago now I made another visit to the Science Museum’s Oramics exhibition. I really like this small exhibition. It is quite unusual and they keep adding new items to it and changing it slightly, which is one of the reasons I keep coming back. I think I’ve been to it 4 times now.

I like how everything from her work is linked forward to how electronic music has developed. It’s interesting to see the progression and understand where things came from.

I almost certainly will go back again if I get the chance.