Messing about with Oramics

Having seen the Oramics exhibition again I thought I’d spend some time with the Oramics app again as I haven’t used it in ages. I think that the first time I used it I didn’t really get the hang of it, but playing with it this morning I really enjoyed it. I think I might record some pieces from it too.

Dalek Evolution (part 2)

The next three Dalek models. I’d never seen this first one, the specials weapons dalek before. Not surprising though as it was a Sylvester McCoy episode, and I hardly watched any of his stories.

Cybermen evolution

Some more pictures from the Doctor Who Experience yesterday. There was a great display of Cybermen heads from the first in the 1960’s. Most but not all were replicas. Great to see how the Cybermen have changed over time though.

Doctor Who Radio Times Covers

I went to the Doctor Who Experience yesterday, which was great fun, and I took loads of photographs, so expect quite a few posts with a ‘Who’ theme.

These pictures are a bunch of Radio Times covers featuring Doctor Who, and I thought they looked great. I’d forgotten some of the old logos from the Radio Times as well.

Another visit to the Oramics Exhibition

I got to make another visit to the Science Museum to see the Oramics exhibition, which has grown considerably now. I love some of the new exhibits like the Fairlight and the WASP synth, and of course the ATARI 520 ST.

I must try and find Daphne Oram’s book soon. I hope to get to see the exhibition again before it closes, and I hope they add a few more bits and pieces too. Hope you like the pictures.

The Power of Making

I went to this exhibition yesterday at the V&A and it was amazing. Not a huge exhibition, in fact quite small, but well worth getting along to, and it is free to get in to although there was a considerable queue for a Sunday.

I don’t know how long it is on for, so it’s worth checking the V&A site, but I’d certainly recommend it.

About The Ethometric Museum

I was at the Edinburgh festival at the end of August this year and saw a bunch of shows. Some good, some not so good, some amazing. The Ethometric museum fell into the last category without a doubt.

We arrived at the venue and waited for the start of the show. We didn’t know what to expect at all. Just before the show was about to start a woman in a tweed suit asked us if we were here to see the Ethometric museum. We went with her out of the venue and around to the back of the building. She explained that we would need to wear hard hats for the duration of the show.

We went into a cellar under the building that was dimly lit and filled will racks of strange looking old machines. They looked like something out of the 1950’s. The woman gave us a 5 minute talk about the Ethometric museum and then explained that we would need to be completely silent during the demonstration.

What followed was an incredible performance of noise makers and synths that I absolutely loved. It was a triumph of making and music. The instruments were so beautifully made and the sounds so unique, it was a superb experience.

If you’d like to know more about The Ethometric Museum you can find information at Ray Lee’s site.

The summer in programmes and catalogues

There are various regular things I do over the summer, and by the end of it I usually have a bunch of programmes, catalogues and the like left over. Here’s the first of the summer, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

This year it was ok, not amazing, but ok. There were one or two things I really liked, and I’m glad I went, it’s a tradition really.