What will the littlebits app expand to?

I really like littleBits. That’s no surprise I’m sure, so I was very pleased to see their new iOS app arrive on the store a couple of weeks ago. It’s a nice little app, it’s a start though. A good start, but still, a start. I hope that they expand on it and make it a more integrated part of the littleBits ecosystem.

I’d like to see the app be able to connect into the MIDI bit. After all, it has a USB connector, so why not? From there I’d like to see some functionality in the app to be able to control hardware. MIDI is a great place to start of course, so why not there. That in itself would work well for me. Of course the other logical place to go would be with the cloudBit. That’s a pretty obvious thing to do, and of course probably easier than MIDI, and more mass market appeal too.

I hope that littleBits do develop the app and their ideas for it, as it is, whilst it’s fun and nice to see what others are doing it isn’t going to be enough for long.


Messing around with littleBits MIDI bit

I’ve been playing around with my new littleBits MIDI bit. It’s pretty easy to get to grips with. It handles USB MIDI and 5 pin MIDI too, which is very handy. It all worked very well actually. I tested it out using Genome MIDI Sequencer on my iPad. No problems at all.

I got it to hopefully make my littleBits collection a bit more useful. I think that it will. The down side is that it appears that one of the oscillators in my kit appears to have stopped working. Which is disappointing. I doubt that there’s anyway to fix it sadly. I guess I’ll just have to get a new one.


New IFTTT stuff coming to littleBits!

So I got an email saying that there will be outage on the littleBits IFTTT channel on Monday, the 21st. This is because there’s some work going on to add new triggers and actions to the littleBits IFTTT channel. Now that’s something to look forward to next week!

I wonder what they’ll add?