Crafty Robots

Yep, they’ve arrived, and in good time for Christmas. I backed these on Kickstarter and I’m looking forward to playing with them over my Christmas break. There’ll be a video I’m sure! Advertisements

Romotive no longer selling the Romo?

I had a recent look at the Romotive web site and noticed that there’s a banner saying that the product is no longer for sale. That doesn’t look good to me. It sounds like they’re not going to be doing Romo anymore, or at least not in its current form. I hope that they’ll continue…

Romos I and II side by side

It’s interesting to see these two devices side by side and compare the quite startling differences between them. It isn’t just size, it’s build quality and finish, and, basically, everything! Quite amazing really. It’s a shame the Romotive seem to have now vanished off the face of the earth.

Romo II

I’ve wanted a Romo II for a while now. I originally funded the first Romo on Kickstarter, but never got the second one. So I finally managed to get hold of one on eBay for just a few pounds. So I’m looking forward to getting this one going and maybe even doing something using both…

Whatever happened to Romotive?

I was thinking more about Romo and the company that made them, Romotive. I know that they made their second version of Romo, which I didn’t kickstart, but I was wondering what happened to them after that. Their site doesn’t really seem to say what they’re up to at all. I think it would be…