It’s time that littleBits started to play nicely with others …


So having carried out a number of experiments using the Romo I’ve decided that a more musical robot is needed, and that will require something more bespoke. So I’ve chosen Mindstorms as a starting place, but of course for the musical side, littleBits is ideal. Connecting the two will now be easy, because of the above.

More experiments with Romo

Experimenting with attaching other devices to the Romo. The idea was to use a simple velcro patch to attach a little light sensitive instrument to the front of the Romo. That way it could make a noise depending on how much light was going into it.

It did work. It was ok, but not that interesting. However, it means I can attach other stuff to Romo and do some more experiments at some point. Which I will do.

Getting going with the Romo again


It’s been a long time since I was able to post about anything to do with robotics, so it’s great to be messing about with Romo again. There’s a few things I’ve got planned to try out with Romo.

Expect experiments in due course.

And another robot

This time from the National Museum of Scotland whilst I was up there for the Edinburgh Festival in August.

Thinking about Romo

I’ve been thinking about what to do next with my Romo, and one thing immediately comes to mind. Using the three output ports at the front. I’ve been thinking about what I could do with those and especially what could be achieved musically using a tiny robot. I guess that’s what’s really interesting.

So I’ve started to gather some information on what the output from the ports is and then I’ll need to start some careful testing too. More on that as it develops.

The Sphero is on the go

I’m really intrigued by the idea of physical objects interacting with the real world, which is why I decided to get a Sphero ball. It’s a very interesting device, and there are a few apps that work with it, including especially Shapesynth, which makes some amazing sounds.

So I’m just getting started now on this, and starting to think about how I can use Sphero in a variety of different settings.

How to make Romo more creative

I was mucking around with Romo, trying to get it over a little assault course the other day. It was fun, but it did make me start to wonder about what sort of creative applications could be made for Romo? I’m not sure he could be used for music, or at least not in the current form of Romo.

Aside from creative applications I would like to see a few other features available for Romo, like the ability to log in to a Romo over the web to be able to use it as a remote web cam perhaps.