Romo from the desktop

I’ve been using the Romo desktop Mac OSX app as well recently, and it’s really good. It’s very useful to be able to use the arrow keys to steer with, almost better than the virtual joystick. The only downside  is that there’s no way to record video from it. Even so, it’s good to have another way to control Romo.

Romo returns!

It has been just over a week since I sent my Romo off to Germany to have his main board’s firmware updated to work with an EU smartphone. He’s back, and he works just fine now. In fact, he seems to be as good as new.

After all this time it’s great to be playing around with my Romo and enjoying such a clever idea. Now I want more from my Romo apps already!

Romo is going to get fixed

Well it looks like the lovely people at to motive have come up with a solution for the EU smartphone volume problem and have established a little outpost I Germany to the main board firmware updated.

So ish all be sending off my board in the next few days in the hope of getting it back soon so I can finally use my Romo.

When it happens there’ll be posting. Much posting.

Romo won’t work, not here anyway

Well, after lots of tinkering around I couldn’t get the Romo to work at all. I decided that the only thing left to do was to try support. I found out that the Romo has problems in the EU due to volume restrictions on smartphones. Apparently the people at Romotive at looking at a new board and firmware to fix the problem. So not insignificant at all.

That’s a shame. I was look forward to having some fun with this.

Waiting for Romo

Romo’s seem to be arriving all over the place, although mainly in the US of course. I’m still waiting for mine and for the updated app to get into the iOS app store. I’m really looking forward to seeing mine and getting a chance to play with it.

Now there’s a Romo community

Which is great news of course. I’m still really looking forward to getting mine and trying it out. I hope it won’t be too much longer to wait.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you can find out what Romo is about here.