Whatever happened to Romotive?

I was thinking more about Romo and the company that made them, Romotive. I know that they made their second version of Romo, which I didn’t kickstart, but I was wondering what happened to them after that. Their site doesn’t really seem to say what they’re up to at all. I think it would be a shame if that was it for them. Not least because I’d like to know a bit more about those aux ports as I’ve mentioned before.

I guess start ups like this come and go and they don’t always last. Which is inevitable.


      1. They had huge money problems and moved to Silicone Valley 2 years ago and nothing ever came out of it I guess. You can still buy it through brookstone but eventually they are going to run out of the product since that are not producing it anymore.


      2. It is a shame. They had a really great product idea, but I guess it was never enough. I also thought that by anchoring themselves to the iPhone connector they were always going to be at the mercy of Apple.


  1. There has to be more to the story than we know at this point. I wish there was a way i could get in contact but it seems they owned cut all ties to the company as they possibly can. We will have to see how many units they have left…..


    1. Interesting. I notice that they still have robotics as a thing that they do. I wonder if they’ll do any other romo like things. Thanks for the link by the way.


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