What to do with my twine?


I’ve had this little IoT device for ages now. It’s fun, it’s ok, but I’ve always struggled to find a real use for it. Something that I could do with it that would be even a tiny little bit useful. The latest use I had for it was on my Romo. I put the twine on the back of the Romo and it tweeted on any movement in the Romo.

That was ok. Nothing amazing, but ok. More than anything it was fun. But what I’d really like is a way to use the Twine so it serves an actual useful purpose. The biggest problem with achieving this seems to be the fact that the twine is wifi only so I can’t take it outside, can’t use it mobile. That’s really a problem for me.

But perhaps the bigger problem is what to actually use it for? That’s something I’ve never got to the bottom of.