Awaiting the new album from Portico

I really them as the Portico Quartet too. In fact I saw them live a couple of times, first at WOMAD a few years ago and then at the Roundhouse too. The WOMAD gig was actually amazing. They played for an hour in the big red tent and I thought the sound was incredible. I’d never really heard them before, but after WOMAD I was hooked. So I went along to see them at the Roundhouse, and sadly was a bit disappointed by that performance.

So when I heard that they were playing over at Rough Trade East and had a new album coming out I was intrigued. Also, it seems that they’re no longer the Portico Quartet, but now just Portico. I’ve been listening to their new tracks on Spotify for a while and I’m getting quite into them. It’s different from the old sound although I think that there are traces of it there, but I do like it.

So I’m going along tomorrow to see what it’s like and grab a copy of the album too. I’ll post some thoughts and pictures if I get any good ones.