Palm OS virtual machines

You probably know by now that I’m a bit obsessed by the old Palm OS and PDAs in general. 

One of the best emulators for Palm OS is PHEM. It runs on Android. PHEM works by using Palm OS ROMs. You can load as many ROMs as you want and then from those ROMs create as many sessions or virtual machines as you want. 

This is pretty impressive. I’m just getting back to this and will be creating a variety of little machines soon. 

Thinking about what to do next with my Romo


I bought the very first iteration of romo, or rather I kickstarted Romo. It was fun, once I got it working, which did take a little while as there were some issues with units in Europe. But it got there. Of course it didn’t support the iPhone 5 so when I moved from a 4 to a 5 it wasn’t workable any longer.

This situation went on until I had the 4 back, relatively recently. Since then I’ve been playing with using it with my TWINE as well. That’s sort of been fun too, but now I’m wondering what, if anything, I can do with it next. I don’t really have any new ideas for it at the moment, and it seems unlikely that Romotive will bring new features to this first iteration of the device.

Also, I never did get to the bottom of what you could do with the little aux ports on the front of the device. I would have liked to know what was possible, and why they put them there.

So for now Romo is gathering dust sadly, until I can come up with a new use. If I do, I’ll let you know.