Doctor Who: Engines of War, the verdict


So I wasn’t really looking forward to this audiobook. I’d bought it to see what it was like, to try it out and also because of the narrator, Nicolas Briggs, who I think is excellent. He really delivered with this book. His voices were excellent. Very convincing and very consistent. I was very impressed with that aspect of the production.

But what about the story? Well, I’m not going to give away any spoilers, so if you were thinking about listening to it you can read on. I liked the story a lot. It didn’t hold back at all. For me it seemed to give the War Doctor a proper identity and developed the character in the way I’d hoped that the writers would. It also firmly left open the possibility of a new set of War Doctor stories, and I hope that this too gets developed. I would certainly give them a listen if they appear.

So, all in all, a very solid audio story. Maybe Big Finish could take this further? I know they’d do an excellent job of it.