Looking back at my sounds: Vertigo

A track made on my iPhone 3G using iSequence, JR Hexatone Pro, Noise IO Pro, Star Guitar, Star Piano, Star Melody and Beatmaker to pull all the samples together.

It isn’t a very complex track, I was just experimenting with putting loops together from lots of different apps.

New Mixtikl interface

Software that I have enjoyed for quite a few years now in various guises and on various platforms. The latest version of the interface is big step forward, and the app, well, as far as making music goes it is amazing, there’s nothing more that can be said about it really.

Jasuto Pro and Thingamagoop

The other day I was messing around with my Thingamagoop and 2 monotrons, and of course recorded the output. I then tried working with it as sample data in Jasuto Pro, which I think worked quite well.

What I might do is put together all of the different treatments of this recording in a single soundcloud set at some point this week(-ish).

Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer - Chris Wolfe