Old 4-track gives me a new idea


I saw this the other day as I was looking for something else and had remembered that I’d bought it so I could retrieve some old 4 track tapes from complete obscurity. I had some notion that I’d revive the tracks and even add to them. Who knows if that would’ve ever worked out. However, at the time when I bought it I didn’t go ahead with the plan as this 4 track doesn’t have multiple track outs. It only has a stereo out, which kind of ruined the idea. My very first cassette 4-track was an X-15 which did have 4 outs, but sadly this doesn’t.

Anyway, as I saw it the other day I had a new idea of how to make this work. So, when I can get some time to set it up I might try and get it working.

If I do, you’ll hear about it. I it fails, we’ll never speak of it again …

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