Blancmange … Semi Detached


Well, I’ve got my tickets for the world premiere of this. Really looking forward to it.

Big Finish: Doctor Who, The Ultimate Adventure

This is one of the few Doctor Who stage plays, and is the only one that I ever went to. It was back in 1989 and I’ve occasionally thought about it over the years, but when I realised that I’d inadvertently bought a copy of Big Finish’s audiobook version it all came back to me.

Listening to it for the first time brought back a lot of memories, but the most interesting thing was hearing about how the production came about and the problems that it faced. It was really interesting to find out all about how it came about and what eventually happened to the production.

Whilst it is most certainly not one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time, even though it is strangely named the ‘Ultimate’ adventure! Although I guess that’s more to do with it being produced in the 80’s more than anything else. It is part of Doctor Who history, and I guess I’m one of the few (ok, probably there would have been over 10,000 people who saw it, but against the scale of Doctor Who fans that’s small) who saw it.

Anyway, I got in touch with the two people who I went with and they both remembered it, and one even still had the theatre programme! So here it is …